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Re: Big Mama's December Support Thread

Originally Posted by thirdtimemomma View Post
Can I join? Is it too late?

Your name

Starting Weight: 222lbs in May
Current Weight: 211lbs (was 209 two weeks ago but I gained it back.. I started WW in October)
Short-Term Goal 198 lbs by Feb.
Long-Term Goal 150lbs
Weight Lost to Date 10lbs
Weight Loss Plan: MFP and watching calories, green tea extract, no grains or little grains, no afternoon grazing, exercise..

Hi ladies. Here is my weight gain story... I got married at 150, gained 25 lbs on the pill, got pregnant with my oldest. Ended her pregnancy at 198 lbs. Lost some weight after her pg, then had my ods, 2 losses and my 2nd son in 18 mo and gained it all back. I know I've started the last 4 pregnancies at that weight. I tend to loose the 20lbs I gain but never that.first pregnancy weight. So that's why Im here. I really want to get past the 198 and closer to pre-pill weight. I'm hypothyroid so I know that contributes. I'm not a good dieter. I love to bake and do often for my family to save money. And then I cave and eat what I make. I'm also a hser and spend a lot of time sitting during our school time. So I'm hoping for some accountability and some inspiration..

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Yay, Welcome!

AFM: Well got in 3 miles yesterday, plan on doing 10-15 min on elliptical and probably a 2 mile walk today. No more heavy bleeding, so I am thinking I will start 30ds on Mon, still gotta get late night eating under control, I have been downing craisins and almonds like there is no tomorrow.... Probably ate at least 2 cups of almonds yesterday My problem is DH is gone alot and at night I am alone and kiddos go to bed at 7:30 so it leaves a whole boring evening by myself. Same w/ today. I wanted to do something fun w/ the kids, they just want to play legos, so I am stuck on here bored. Cause I don't do legos. Any suggestions as to things to do when house is clean and all the books have been read? Baby just wants to nurse all the itme so that is another problem, I have to sit here nad nurse which limits my ability to move very much through the day. SHE HATES EVERYTHING but my arms. I have tried our swing/bassinet/cosleeper/crib she only wants to be held
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