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Small gpants *lots of pictures*

I have 14 gpants with plastic liners. Pictures below

Only insert with bad staining

3 Guppys, 1 Grasshopper, 1 Goodwill

Grasshopper and Goodwill


Goddess and Golly Molly

2 Got Chocolates

3 Gwords one with a discolored band and stained insert

Genuine Vanilla and Goodnight

2 md/lg inserts

Velcro of Golly Molly, but all look the same:

All the G's look like this too:

Every diaper is $10
discolored Gword with stained insert $8
Goodwill $25
Grasshopper $15

All prices are PPD and OBO.

$100PPD for the whole lot.

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