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Originally Posted by KumfyKozies View Post
My toddler is the same. She's been in wool full time since hours after birth, but around 18 months she suddenly decided she HATES wearing knitting things. She would scream, yank on it, and just generally throw a fit until I took it off. I was so sad because she had a gorgeous wool stash that cost close to a thousand dollars! LOL I sold the vast majority of her stash cheap so it would go fast and I could fund interlock wraps like LoveyBums. She tolerates them just fine, but even now she will not wear a knitted hat or cardigan. I think she's just putting her toddler foot down to test her boundaries and this is too expensive of a battle to fight her on.
I think that's the same with mine, putting her toddler foot down lol. After I destash my knits I want to restash with only a few Loveybums wraps. She's been letting me put on her interlock wool, but I only have a few pieces, and fleece is actually working out really well for her so I think I'm going to stick with that.
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