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Re: Throwing tantrums to get food

Hmm...just a thought, my kids still have challenges with this. The way they see it, why should mama get to have it and they can't? They can have everything else that I have. I've even let them have a sip of wine or beer if they want. That being said, only my oldest has been brave enough to taste any of it and she didn't like it. It's gotten me thinking a lot about what I'm eating.

I'm not trying to criticize what you do or anything, but for me these kinds of tantrums were a wake up call. My middle son wasn't satisfied with being given something alternative. He wanted what I had, poured from my cup if necessary. It got me thinking about what I drink. We fought it out for a while, but I finally just decided to give up soda. How can I be a good example to my kids if I don't set a good example. I even (though it pained me!) had tea the last time we were at a restaurant. It might be an option for you if you'd rather your little one not become curious about soda.
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