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Re: Thread Killers Unite!! Come join in and chat!

Originally Posted by traderbren View Post
I think you finally killed it!!!

I almost did! But, you replied so I didn't totally!

Originally Posted by SamanthaSews View Post
For anyone who joins Sarah & I (who kept up the old thread) I'm Samantha, my ds Caden had his 2nd birthday party today.

His party went great! We had lots of fun, despite him having a little cold. I only took a few pictures, I let everyone else do that. Lol!

Here's his little Shaun the Sheep cupcake!

Here he is wanting to blow out his candle while we sing to him! He did awesome blowing out his candle all on his own!

Last night on the other hand was rough (for DH). Caden was up every few hours & bc he can get out of bed now he goes to DH & wakes him up. But he went back to sleep easily. And slept until 6:15 when I got up with him & tried to get him to eat breakfast.

He hasn't eaten much in a couple days. I hope his appetite comes back tomorrow.

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I seriously love those cupcakes! You should mail me one
I'm glad it went well and everyone had a good time! It also sounds like he slept better for the most part, no major battles in the night.

It was a pretty relaxing day around here today. DH did some cleaning, though it was mostly organizing all of his miscellaneous computer parts he has. I made some sugar scrubs for homemade gifts. I just need to label them and choose who gets what.
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