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Re: KAL ~ Christmas is Coming! Dec 9-15

Originally Posted by EskimoStitches View Post
Oh and I watched top gun. Tom is a fruit loop but i love me some maverick, goose and drool ice man. Val is wow age was not nice to him. At all.

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Man, I haven't seen that in forever. Not even sure if I have it on DVD. Maybe on the list of to watch soon.

Originally Posted by HookedByCarolyn View Post
Here's how it would go...
I would post if video of me nekkid dancing.
Fi would be all "all this time we been sexting, you never nekkid danced for me!"
Erica would be like "hush up gatekeeper!"
Dani would go "wth Fi! Don't I nekkid dance enough for you in our sexts? Shoot!"
Karen would have to throw in "Geeze Carolyn, look at that vampire white skin! Don't you see the sun up in PA?"
The mods would step in and tell me "this ain't no corn site! Get that video off of here!"
Hmm, that is a pretty good synopsis of how it would go.My part would be, "I may or may not open the link, depending on mood and how long it takes to load.

My only issue with revelry is I forget to go there, but you ladies would make it worth it.
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