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Re: Violent kickers?

DD1 was laid back, but every so often it was like she'd decide to stretch. She'd lie transverse and push on one side with feet and the other side with her hands. I swear many times that she was going to stretch herself into a classical c section.

DD2 moved constantly and she wasn't gentle. I had an absolute freakout one morning only about 3 days before she was born because I'd been up for 20 minutes and she hadn't tried to bruise me. I swore she'd grown more limbs or she learned to hit me with both hands and feet and elbows and knees in rapid succession. I was so surprised some days that I wasn't black and blue. And she still beats me up now, she can be a rough nurser, sometimes liking to latch on to other parts of my boob (yeowtch!) she's headbutted me in the face, pinches me while nursing or carrying her, and she's teething, so she bites.
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