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Re: Dave Ramsey Support Thread ~ Dec 10 - Dec 16

Originally Posted by 5PrincessMommy View Post
From my calculations (obviously not complete 100% bc the year is not over) I will not be owing in taxes, but my refund will be reduced this year. I typically do my taxes myself but am going to have someone else do them this year, b/c its my first year with the ebay business and don't want to mess it up JIC. But I found a great online tool that helped me figure it out, but I still am not comfortable filing myself this year.
It's good you're prepared! We don't get a refund, so the first year I sold, we would have owed. We ended up adjusting it from DH's check, because that was easy enough to do. And, paying taxes isn't bad as it means you made a profit .
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