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Thinking about weaning...advice?

I am hoping to start to wean in about a month when LO is a year old. Part of me loves nursing, but part of me is ready to have myself back a bit. I don't think that the daytime sessions will be as hard to eliminate as she already loves to get distracted all the time! But she does nurse to sleep most of the time too. Any mamas out there who nursed to sleep often who have helpful tips on doing this? I definitely plan to take things slow, but I can see nighttime being difficult to fully wean. She has been waking to nurse a lot lately, I think she is really "toothy" as I call it, and sometimes screams if I try comforting in other ways. Will I need to recruit daddy more when working on nighttime? I hope to try and do it myself as Dh is a man who gets very grumpy when he doesn't get enough sleep......Any input here is greatly appreciated!!
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