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Re: Super Nosey Family Members

We get it the opposite. My MIL wants a grandson. She had two boys so she wanted her first grand child to be a girl but then after that she was disappointed that the next three were all girls. When my BIL called to tell her their second was a girl she actually said that's too bad it wasn't a boy!

We had our children late and because of her constant comments we just told her that we were not having children. She kept making comments to my SIL that she "hoped I would give her son children, he would be a wonderful father" Like I was the reason we didn't have children. It was both of our decision to wait until we were ready (we started when I was 34). It took 2 years for us to have our girls. And again the comments about how it was a shame that we didn't have boys. She has 4 heathy and gorgeous granddaughters.

After the last thoughtless comment she said to her husband something like "don't look at me I gave you sons" I said well since it is the man who decides the sex of the baby I guess you should blame yourself for creating sons who don't create sons! I was just so mad.

I got a text from my SIL the other day. My neices were staying at my IL's house during Hurricane sandy (they had no power and heat) and she told my SIL that to thank her for watching the girls she could give them a grandson by Christmas. Right in front of my nieces. I felt so bad for them that they should think that they are not good enough because they don't have a penis. It's just crazy to me she cant be happy with 4 beautiful healthy girls. Her sister has 4 boys and NONE of them had children so she has NO grandchildren. So ungrateful for the blessings in her life.
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