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Originally Posted by RNmom926
my little one has a rash It is pink fine raised bumps where her little cheeks touch. it doesnt seem to be getting any better with triple paste. Some of the other mommas on here suggested that it might be yeast and to try lotrimin. I'd like to continue using my cloth. I have fuzzibunz os elite diapers and swaddlebees simplex. My normal wash routine is cold quickwash with small amount of tide. Hot heavy duty wash with tide to the 1 line and 2 capfuls of bleach with a cold extra rinse. followed by a hot quick wash and cold rinse with no detergent. (I have a front loader)

So I have a few questions....

Is my normal wash routine enough to sanitize my diapers and kill the yeast - do I need to change anything?

What should I use as a liner when I use lotrimin? Im open to disposible liners - I just want it to protect my fleece pockets. If I do decide to use fleece liners - What do I do with them? Wash them seperately?

What about this GSE that Ive read about? Shoukd I add this to my routine? Can someone give me a brand that worked for them?

should I just switch to sposies and not worry about all of this while she has the rash? I'd rather not but I dont want to stress myself out about this either

Also - what could have caused this yeast rash. Shes 10 weeks old. Never been on antibiotics (I havent been on them either)

Thank you for any advice. This is my first baby and first time cloth diapering.
What you are describing could also just be a heat rash.
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