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HELP IMMEDIATELY PLEASE! Dh bought the wrong wine for the recipe, will it still work?

Need cooking help fast. DH bought me the wrong cooking wine! Will what he bought still work? The recipe: Poach pears in WHITE wine, mash the pears with sweet potatoes, evaporated milk, butter, brown sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg. DH bought me SHERRY cooking wine instead of WHITE cooking wine. Will it ruin the dish if I use she Sherry? Or do I need a plan B? So frustrated. I texted him EXACTLY what I needed, because he insisted on being helpful. *sigh*. He's not home right now, and of course he left his cell here, so I can't have him pick some up. We have to leave in about an hour. No time to go to the store.... ARGH!

God bless!
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