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Re: What do you ladies wear in the tub while birthing?

At my hospital they have whirl pool tubs you can go in for labour but not birth in. It was only my husband and sometimes a nurse and it was in a bathroom in the private room which the lights off so it seemed weird to have a top on. Anyway they're looking at your hoo haa. I did cover my chest with the wash cloth though to keep myself warm and for a little modesty. I kept floating up and so my chest wasn't under water. Oh, I wish I could soak in a large warm tub right now.
Maybe bring a sports bra type top or bathing suit top and then you decide if you want to use it or not at the time. But modesty and birth are kinda oxymorons. Everyone's looking between your legs and after the baby's born you're taking out your boob for it to nurse and people are helping you get the baby to latch and you're being cleaned up. Well, it's just not very modest. It was a little uncomfortable to be so exposed for me (I didn't even want to watch in the mirror because I didn't want to think about what everyone else was looking at) but you're just so focused on labour and the baby that it's not totally registering. It also depends on whose in the room. If I had my mom there or something, I think I'd want to be more covered. But I only like my husband there and then nurses and whoever is doing the birth. This gives me more privacy so I feel less need to cover up.

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