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Re: What do you ladies wear in the tub while birthing?

i only birthed in hospital once. And when I did, I started with a gown, trying to be all modest. And then I got pretty miffed and ripped the dang thing off. I walked around nude, and I did NOT care. (I was really unhappy with the way I was being treated, so I think that had something to do with it) I labored in the tub, but was forced to push and deliver on the bed, on my back. I was told I "had" to put the gown back on, as I was being moved from the tub to the bed for pushing/delivery. I am not sure why.

Anyway, my next two, I also labored/delivered in tubs (except at home both times, no hospital) and I was also naked.

I've discovered after 3 births that I labor better naked. It just feels more natural. I can move my body however I want, and I can really concentrate on my movement and the baby's movement, and the contractions, etc., and not worry about if my shirt is caught on something, or if something is hugging my belly too tight, etc. I feel more free to birth my way w/o clothes. It probably has a lot to do with my psyche b/c the rest of the time in my life, I am very modest. So maybe being naked helps me feel "free" and open up to birth.
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