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Re: Does anyone NOT have pockets?

I've never even tried a pocket. I think I've tried most other types of diapers: fitteds, prefolds, flats, PUL covers, fleece covers, wool covers, AIOs, and AI2s. I know lots of people love them, but I just don't get it.

We generally use snappied prefolds with various covers no matter where we are. I do own a couple AIOs and fitteds, but I find switching diaper types defeats the supposed ease of the "easier" types. The easiest thing for me is to just keep doing what I usually do. Like if I put an AIO in my bag to use when I'm out, I have to think a little more to remember to use the AIO rather than continue with my prefolds. Then if I don't end up having enough AIOs to last the entire outing, I will need to switch back to prefolds and covers and that's more difficult that just sticking with them from the beginning.
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