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Re: Super Nosey Family Members

I could give you a really long laundry list of dumb things my MIL has said. She is not the smartest woman in the world and she is an old fashioned bigot so at this point I really just find her amusing and good fuel for conversation.

My favorite other story about her...
My SIL had to have her watch her newborn while they went to a wedding. In my MIL's day they used to put babies on their stomachs. Now they have learned that being on their back is best. There are STUDIES to prove this. They have put oxygen monitors on babies that prove their oxygen level drops and that the sleep longer because they are deprived of oxygen. There are studies that say there are 40% less incidents of sids because of back sleeping.

My SIL told her REPEATEDLY to put her on her back to sleep. Even going as far to say for her to at MINIMUM if you remember to do nothing else (on the list they gave her) at least put her on her back to sleep. They go to pick my niece up and she walks in the room and of course she is on her stomach. My SIL and BIL go ballistic! When they ask her why she did that. She said "well she's alive isn't she?" that was her response.

When my twins were born she came to the hospital to see them. In the NICU they put babies on their stomachs after feedings because its easier on digestion. They are wearing monitors so they know if they are in distress. She comes in and sees this and points it out and recounts the story about my SIL and my niece. Like she was now vindicated. I had asked the nurses about that very thing and knew it was for digestion and only because they were premies and premies have less developed digestion and that they did it because they were on oxygen monitors. In addition to that there is always a nurse in the room 24 hours a day.

I tried to explain to her what the nurse told me and she still argued how her sons slept on their stomachs so it was fine to do. But you know what? No matter what she was TOLD from the newborn's PARENTS that the baby is to be put on her back. Bottom line.

I have never met such a stubborn and ignorant woman in my life. Because her sons didn't die of SIDs then it must be better her way. And it's always something like that. She had her son's 40+ years ago. Things have changed! She also used to hit them with an extension cord and a red shoe. She denies it of course. Then she points out how wonderful her sons are so she must be a great parent.

When my daughters started saying the word "no" I sent my ILs a video. They were a little over 12 months. She tells me... now that she knows the word no, hit her on her hand and say "no" so she knows that she is doing something wrong. I just shook my head and said "no, I'm not hitting my ONE YEAR OLD BABIES and teaching them to hit each other".

Im sorry I just hijacked this thread. I have some unresolved issues with my IL's, can you tell? LOL

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