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Re: November TTC #1 -No Children Mentioned-

Originally Posted by TwistedBranches View Post
Rebecca, I hope you get some good news at the urologist and your ultrasound helps figure out what is going on! I had some crazy issues with my lining when I was about 19, and ended up having laproscopy with a D&C to get rid of excess lining-- they told me I had endometriosis plus a lot of buildup from when I was on the pill. Apparantly I wasn't losing all of it. But, they biopsied it and it came back normal, and was written off as a fluke thing. Every 2 years I get an ultrasound to check to make sure I am losing it all every month. It's been normal ever since. My endo isn't that painful anymore either with natural homeopathic drugs!

Not much going on here, just enjoying the last few days of my 20's. I can't believe that part of my life is almost over! DH told me he got me something BIG for my birthday, but just has a card for me hidden in the Christmas tree. (Well, it's not "hidden", it's in the front of the tree). I'll figure out what is in it on Sunday if I open it on my birthday, or Tuesday if we wait to celebrate until my days off. I just hope it's something he put thought into instead of a gift card somewhere!

I told him earlier this year the only thing I wanted was for him to totally be 100% on board with moving forward with his reversal or with IVF. I told him even if we needed to save up for it, that was all I wanted. It in itself would be the best gift ever. But, he IS a guy, and a scared guy at that, so while he is still open to the idea of having a child, I think he is scared on multiple levels about how good of a father he will be, so he has never come out and said that he wants to do one or the other. (Personally, I think he will be amazing and have told him that, but he is a worry-wart! He also worries about his age (43) and that "it's a different world than we grew up in.") I do my best to try to calm his fears. I think he is coming around more and more by the day. I will have to post photos of our spare room... if you walk into it, it's pretty obvious that it's got a ton of baby things in it and that we're TTC. You would have to be pretty ignorant not to notice, lol!


I hope you all are doing well! to all!
Hopefully your gift was awesome and you get what you want with the IVF. My DH is freaking about his age too, and he's only 27, but he doesn't want to be too old to enjoy any future grandkids, etc. The whole 'diffrent world' thing is so true though because things change at such a fast pace these days, especially safety guidelines and techonlogy. I've got all my baby stuff in hidden storage so no one ever gets to see it unless I drag it out but I would love to see your room! I like seeing what others have stashed for their future baby/ies!
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