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Re: Allergies/Elecare?

Thanks ladies Yeah, I figure she's just going to be small. Afterall, I'm a pretty small person myself. But this ped we saw last week was the first doctor EVER to not be all "oh no no... she needs to be eating more!" and I'm like "Well, I can't force her to eat so I'm not sure what you'd like me to do." I asked the GI if I should/could lower the zantac now since it's not getting her to eat more anyhow, but she wants me to leave it how it is. We're also adding cereal to the bottle now. I just add about 2-3tps to 5oz and she's no longer spitting up. Huge relief, because she never ever spit up until we switched to elecare. But she's happy and overall healthy so I'm not worried Now if I could just get her to sttn again.... lol
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