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Originally Posted by pine_apple_goat

Yeah, they'd probably not taste as good.

They are super easy to make! I'm going to make more today. I'm just waiting for DH to get home so that I can get some more lids.

Plans for today?
Didn't really have plans today.

Caden slept ok last night. Was up around 10:30/11 (that's pretty normal) then was awake at 4:30, but with a cup of milk he went back to sleep until 6:30. Pretty good. Ill take it.

Although I was woken by the dog barfing in my bed I haven't let the dog sleep with me since I was pregnant & too uncomfortable to share the bed, but Iet him last night & I paid for it

So I was up changing the sheets & I flipped the mattress by myself trying not to wake everyone up at 6am. It was comical.

We mostly played with Caden's new birthday toys. I did some errands- it was nice to go out in the morning before the crowds & by myself.

I spent the evening working on some quiet book pages. I have a couple that I started that I would like to finish & give to Caden for Christmas. Almost done with one of them. Hopefully my mom will be able to take Caden tomorrow & I can finish & start the other pages.

Watching the Patriots lose now then going to bed.

How was your day?

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