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Re: Should I just give up? :(

Have you tried adding extra water into your front loader through the detergent drawer? This is what I do and I don't get any error signals, and the washer doesn't shut off and autodrain or anything like that. I do a warm prewash followed by the heavyduty cycle with Tide Free & Clear Liquid to the 1 line, and 1/8 cup bleach, then an extra rinse. I have hard water so at least once a week, I add 1 Tbsp of RocknGreen Funk Rock to the prewash.

I wait for the prewash to be done rinsing and then I shut it off manually to prevent it from spinning out water (makes it a heavier load for the sensors). Then, once the washer has put its miniscule amount of water in (8 min after start of cycle) I add 16L of hot water through the detergent tray drawer. I fill a bucket off the bottom of my hot water tank which is right there and then pour it into the washer.

It's a total PITA to run downstairs and add more water 8 min after the cycle starts, but my dipes are markedly cleaner because they have more water to agitate around in and they move around more and scrub around more.

You'd have to try it and see if yours gives you an error signal, though.

ps. That sucks about someone stealing your diapers

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