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Re: for those of you who had "periods" during pregnancy...

With my second baby (3rd pregnancy, lost a spontaneous set of triplets in my 2nd pregnancy, so I completely understand the roller coaster!) I had a period for the first 6 months. I had implantation spotting, pink/brown, super light, then got my period at about 6 weeks, when it normally would have come anyway. It was maybe 3/4 the flow of my regular period, and lasted 4-6 days, tapering off just like a normal period would. I continued to get it every 4 weeks, when it normally would have come, until my 7th month, when I didn't get anything. My son was born at exactly 40 weeks, on his "due date" and was over 10 pounds, incredibly healthy, born at home, and perfect. I am prego with baby #3 now and only had implantation spotting this pregnancy, like with my 1st baby.
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