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Re: 30wk Apt update for Bila75

You know..don't sweat the gain too much. I started off super over weight with this one b/c I never lost the weight from teh last one just a few months before! We conceved this one 7 months post my first ds!! So I have plenty of 'extra' body fat laying I'm just trying to not gain any more weight then I absoultly HAVE TO! I'm also doing the diabetes diet..which is super low carb ..unless I am working out..then I load up on carbs...other wise its 25-30 grms carb (whole breads/grains, fruit and milk count as carbs) PER meal and 2 15 grm carbs at snack time. If I'm STILL hungry I nosh on veggies and low fat protiens...hb eggs, nuts/nut butters, veggies...stuf w/ practically NO carbs an d lots and lots of fiber..Probbly get about 45grms fiber a day..I eat 1 lg salad and 2 small ones throughout the day as needed. So....thats how I am doing it. Please dont tourture yourself...I so miss twinkies and chocolate cake..but its just for a few more months..I keep telling myself then I can bing on whatever I

You're doing great momma...keep up the good work!

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