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Re: Does anyone NOT have pockets?

Nope. I HATE pockets! I have an entire stash of AIOS (BG Freetimes and Elementals) which is almost all I ever use. Then I have a night time stash of Sbish OBF and wool. I also have an entire stash of prefolds, flats and Flips but I haven't been using them since I switched over to AIOs. I hate stuffing pockets. It does seem like that's what most people use. I hate the wash having a bunch of separate pieces that have to be matched up and stuffed. I hate stuffing them. I hate the feel of bare microfiber and I don't want to be bothered with finding alternatives to stuff with. I hate having to pull the insert out as they go in the wash. I also think that I don't like them because everyone else DOES like them, and I have to be different.

Oh and I use the BG FT for outings as well. I never have to do anything differently because they will hold her for hours and hours if need be. I can also add a doubler or two under the flaps and it will last 12 hours at night without a single leak. LOVE MY FREETIMES!
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