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Originally Posted by missydawn
We use it and love it. It has a spiraling curriculum, so what you learn on page one you will see again, and again, and again. This makes sure your child does not forget it. It also moves very nicely imo. We do both math 1 for dd and math 5/6 for ds.
Originally Posted by Candy Lee
We love Saxon Math. My boys are all advanced in math and generally work 1-2 grade levels ahead. Saxon is a perfect fit for them. It's challenging, which we enjoy.
Totally agree with these. I've used it and it's what my mom used when we were growing up. We were always a couple grades ahead, so it wasn't tearfully boring. The little boy I taught was terribly let down by the public school system and his math skills were lacking. The way Saxon math operates, what he learned one week built on what he had learned a couple weeks prior. It kept everything fresh in his mind and forced him to actually LEARN the principles, rather than do enough just to skate by. It was exactly what he needed, and for more advanced students like my brother and myself, it presented just enough new material at a time to be challenging without frustrating.
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