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Re: Should I just give up? :(

Yeah, I couldn't believe someone would just take diapers like that! I can't understand - I've been in some pretty desperate situations, believe me, but I'd never just steal a baby's diapers like that!! I'm more heartbroken than anything, though. All of those diapers were customs, and I was planning on saving them for the baby we are planning to have within the next year (hopefully).

To the mama who asked - the washer is a Maytag 2000 with ecoconserve technology. It's brand new and works well, just not for diapers.

I'll try every suggestion you guys have made because I don't want to lose any more diapers, to anything! This is so frustrating, though. I have a newfound sympathy for those of you who have battled ammonia before me!
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