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Originally Posted by 3 ladybugs
There are different types of Rainbow light (4 types actually), could you see if any of your friends have the other types to see if they are better for you? I was recommended RL by my holistic friends. So that is what I went with.

However if you do go with a Rx prenatal I really recommend the Duet DHA ones. They have a coating that makes them easier to digest. I was on them when I had mild hypermesis 6 years ago.

BTW I looked and looked and there is no injectable prenatal. When my MS was really bad I wanted something like that and as of a couple of years ago, there is none.
Most if my friends don't take vitamins at all. My old rx Prenatal is also smooth coated and had DHA plus stool softener. It was really good for me but I just hate to spend so much money. I wonder if there is a similar generic? I assume Duet is a brand name?

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