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If you use flats with a heavy wetter, how do you make it work?

My family is going on vacation for 2 weeks. My 2 year old J is a heavy drinker and pee'r. She also has large, gross poops. DH wanted to put the babies in paper diapers but the only one J can tolerate is expensive. I tried her overnight and she peed out of it. (with a PUL cover over bc im worried about exploding poo like we had when she was in sposies) If I use a PUL cover over and she still leaks, whats the point? I'm thinking about using our flat diapers and covers. (fleece for E who is allergic to pul but can use any sposie fine) J normally needs to be changed every 2 hours in a pocket or AIO.

How do you make flats work for your heavy wetter? Do you use them for naps and bedtime? I'll have 4 hemp flats, thinking about trying two of those with a doubler for night. (j's normal night diaper is a bumbo with a stay dry liner and fleece cover. Those may dry in one load, i'm going to see) I can only bring things that will dry in 1 load in the dryer. Plan to wash every other day.
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