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Re: yeast - help please!!!!

I think yeast gets thrown around a lot on here and though it isn't uncommon not every darn diaper rash that is persistent is yeast! My dr. Explained to me that yeast occurs more below the tummy and where the leg creases are and that for it to be on the buttox is rare? And especially only on buttocks. Think yeast likes dark places that stay wet. We suffered from yeast here for over 6 weeks because of an internal yeast issue am what you are describing doesn't sound like that. I know you are going to gasp but try desitin maximum strength, I don't use it all the time but regular diaper rashes host yeast if not taken care of quickly and desitin will do the trick! We started using a stay dry liner and using a wash routine a lot like yours with tide and we have been rash free for six months! Maybe you could use the lanolin as a regular rash preventative?? We use Cjs butter with every change and it has seemed to help!

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