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Re: How many prefolds/flats do I need?

Originally Posted by mamatoclaire View Post
I'd say 3 dozen for newborn and 2 dozen for toddler. Your mix of flats and prefolds is just a manner of preference. And if your toddler is still in diapers when your NB sizes up you'll need a another couple dozen of the larger sizes. HTH!

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I'd pretty much do this.

3 dozen for newborn and 2 dozen for toddler= prefolds


1 dozen small flats
1 dozen large flats

*** if you love flats, I'd reverse the numbers for prefolds vs flats***

I haven't diapered 2 at the same time... but think I'd have to do every other day washing just based on my FL. I'd use the flats when I felt like it and to boost todder night and nap diapers. I also use smaller prefolds to beef up my toddler diapers... now I'm moving to flats for that (and have always used doublers)
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