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Re: Nursing Number Two

the 2nd was definitely easier for me. mostly because she's just an easier baby. ds was the fussiest, most unhappy baby, and he hated to sleep. he spent the first 2 months of his life on my boob. i am not exaggerating. i was a wreck. i also had the worst case of mastitis my dr had ever seen with him. it all got better around 3 months and i nursed him for a year until i was forced to wean due to my own medical issues, otherwise i would have kept going.

with the 2nd, she slept! glorious! and she was much more easy going. but also, i was a lot more laid back and a lot less worried about how long she'd been nursing for and how much she was getting and all of that. i trusted my body to do it's thing. also, i'm particularly prone to mastitis and i had it repeatedly with both kids in the early weeks. with ds though, i had no idea what was happening, so it got really bad because i didn't present with all of the usual symptoms. with dd, i knew immediately what was going on and was able to head it off without needing to go on antibiotics. i also started pumping a lot earlier, and thanks to that and i think just less stress with her in general, i've been able to keep her on all breastmilk even though i went back to work at 6 weeks. i was never able to do that with ds. we were about 1/2 and 1/2 bm and formula while i was at work by this point, i just couldn't pump enough. ds did just fine on the formula, so it would have been fine. but i love that i haven't had to use it this time

my biggest issue with nursing #2? keeping #1 from getting jealous and climbing on my lap and yelling "no baby! you no eat! no!" and trying to pull her off of me

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