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How was your day?

Mine was ok. Still not getting an uninterrupted sleep, but we are getting better. Slowly. Caden joined me in bed this am around 4. He was completely soaked & had the be changed. Then we came to bed watch Shaun the Sheep (of course!) and he fell back to sleep in 14 mind thankfully! But from 1:30-2:30 I was rocking him. I tried to put him back to bed asleep like 3 times in the hour & as soon as I would close his door or get back into my bed he would wake up & get out of bed that was fun, but other than that at the soaking it was ok. He slept until 6:45 in my bed so that made up for it. DH got up with him in the morning & I slept until 8:30.

I took Caden to the library for a bit & then he went to my moms. I was able to finish up 3 sets of quiet book pages and the cover. I just need to bind them. I think I will made button holes & use a ring to hold the pages together.

And that's about it. I rested & watched OTH for an hour before going to get Caden.

Now I'm surfing ds & Facebook. Lol

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