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My first one was hard. It took us about a month to really figure things out. He nursed constantly and would only sleep near me.
My second was super easy, but would nurse so fast and vigorously I thought he was going to suck the life out of me, lol.
I think some of it is just who they are, my first is a doddler, it takes him a long time to do anything. My second is super fast at everything.
Also my first I had pitocin and an epidural and a slow birth. The second was born really fast, but naturally.

We'll see what baby #3 is like here soon.
Jana, wife to Preston; Mother to Mason (5/23/08) and Hunter (7/22/10) WOHM (aerospace engineer). breastfeeding, cloth diapering and new to knitting and dyeing, I also like to sew.
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