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Re: What do you ladies wear in the tub while birthing?

Originally Posted by Mummandherboys View Post
Mama, tell me more about a birth stool... I am thinking through all my laboring options
Yes, a birth stool is kind of like a stool with a toilet seat instead of regular seat. Both of my previous midwives had fashioned their own and they were different. The first was a very low to the ground stool (maybe two feet up) and was made of wood. I found that one difficult because one of my legs fell asleep while on it, so that was extra discomfort on top of labor and pushing. The second was built out of PVC pipes and very high up. It was really more of a frame than a stool. I had to hold on with my hands and my husband had to support the back of the frame. This one wasn't exactly comfortable to sit on and I had a half hour wait between baby and placenta; but birth isn't comfortable anyway....

Birth stools are extra beneficial because they basically assist the squatting position. This allows gravity to really help get the baby out. For my second birth, I didn't push at all. I let my body do the pushing instead and I didn't have any tearing more severe than a few minor skid marks.

I couldn't push effectively in the water and found it annoying altogether during my second labor. Hot, sweaty and wet was not comfortable for me.
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