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Re: I NEED a new washer!! Recs???

Speed Queen is a commercial brand used in laundromats that you can buy for home use is you google a retailer. They are awesome. All-metal construction, made in USA. No plastic, very old school. Retailers don't like to sell them becuse they seriously never break (that is where they make a LOT of profit--repairs). You can seriously do 10+ loads a day and they will last 20+ years. Mine was $550 new. They also have the highest spin rpm for toploaders, so clothes dry faster.

FYI--new govt regs imposed water limits on all toploaders made after January 2009. So if you get a regular toploader, it will not fill very full. I had a plumber tell me how to reset my Speed Queen so it will fill up like an old one, but a gadget-minded person could probably figure it out on their own.
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