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Re: Big Mama's December Support Thread

Hello again ladies!!! I'm sorry I am not a regular on here. I almost never get onto DS anymore! I am just so busy as I just started back to school to get my elementary teaching certificate. I am back in full swing trying to get to my goal weight. I am on MFP regularly if any of you are on there and want to add me (and haven't yet) my username is hallensd.

Your name: Heather
Starting Weight: 296lbs
Current Weight: 222lbs
Short-Term Goal: Lose 8lbs by 1/31/12
Long-Term Goal: 100lbs lost
Weight Lost to Date: 74lbs
Weight Loss Plan: Paleo/Primal eating, Exercise 3-4x a week, track on MyFitnessPal

I finally got a decent scale (a WW one that also does body fat calculations), and it is weighing me as more than my old scale, but is on par with my doctor's offices' scale. So I had to adjust my numbers a bit which puts me at 74lbs lost instead of 80lbs lost. I'm cool with that. My weight loss has really slowed down now that I am about 25lbs away from goal. I've switched to eating Paleo/Primal and in 2 weeks I've lost about 3lbs.

Also, I got some money for Christmas from a family member and I went shopping for clothes finally. This entire time I've been wearing either my old baggy stuff or hand me down pants from my mom. People noticed I was losing weight but with the bagginess of my clothes it wasn't super noticeable until now! I had a really good time shopping as things actually fit me and instead of having trouble finding stuff I liked, I had trouble deciding what to get because I wanted everything! I also got a really good deal as Old Navy was having a sale and that just made the experience even better.

I've gone from a size 2X-3X in shirts to a regular XL and a size 26 in pants to a size 18!!!! Here is the most recent before/after comparison. I posted the more recent pic (on the right) on facebook (to show off my new clothes) and everybody was so surprised because they couldn't tell as much with my old clothes...not to mention most of my family lives in California and I haven't see them in months!

Heather, wife to James & mommy to:
Jaden (8.06), Mara (8.07), Fenn (5.09),
Elias (7.10), & Levi (11.11) 80lbs lost!
*i* Loved and Lost (6/12), (9/12), & (2/13) *i*

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