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Re: for those who had twins at how many weeks did you have birth?

34 weeks 5 days. They were born vaginally, I was determined and had huge fears of a c-section. They were in the NICU for 3 weeks but it was primarilly just so they were eating on there own, they didn't really have any health complications. The NICU was harder than expected, if you have the option of a hospital that has private NICU rooms I would plan on delivering there just in case. The hospital I delivered in has now gotten private rooms and just that alone makes the NICU experience totally different since you can room in and stay with your babies when my sons were born I had to stay somewhere else and go back and forth to hospital. Developmentally they were caught up within the first few months. They were 4'3 and 4'9 at birth. Good luck and congratulations to all the twin mamas to be!!!
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