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Originally Posted by meesh38 View Post
They will try to get you to take as many as possible, and if you can and want to that's great but make sure you are looking out for your family as #1 and don't feel bad if you say no.
So true! While I value what my parents did, I remember being 7 and and one of my brothers being 9 and we saw how much energy the foster kids took for my parents. My brother and I made a pact to always be good and never to bother our mom and dad with our stuff and we pretty much held to that the rest of home years. Looking back, it seems a little sad. Also, never take on more foster kids than you can supervise... Knowing a lot of them can't be in the same rooms alone with other children. When you have so many of them, it can be hard to keep track of and things can happen (oh, the cycle of abuse... sad). So, yes, your family #1 and blessings to your calling.
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