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Re: Gerber Goodstart or Enfamil Gentlease?

I have never used the gentlease formula, however we have dealt with the gerber formulas. Short and sweet we were VERY unhappy with them. My oldest had no problem when he was on similac (he got it through wic) and then they changed to gerber and he had nothing but problems. He was losing weight and not wanting to eat, was gassy and fussy all the time. So they changed him to soy and that didn't help. We ended up on Enfamil Neutramegin which did help the situation, but I think if he was left on similac he would have been fine. My youngest went onto enfamil when he stopped nursing, but it was only a couple of months before he went on milk. We did not have any problems with enfamil other than the fact that he did not like the taste of it, but that was formula in general. I would have continues nursing if I could, but had to stop. My personal preference is basically anything but gerber, but that is because I have had bad experiences with it. Of course every child is different so it might be worth a shot for you to try it with your little one.
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