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Nurses will usually give you an enema upon request when you check in, but that might not prevent it. There's no way to stop it if it's going to happen, and if you're trying to hold poop in while pushing, that's going to keep you from pushing effectively.

I also knew when I was close to pushing that they wouldn't let me go to the bathroom if I told them I had to go poo, because they didn't want me pushing on the toilet. So, I just told them I had to urinate and they let me go to the bathroom and I pooped there anyway. Still pooped on the delivery bed later, though.

Personally, I would smack anyone who was laughing at me during labor for things I cannot control. That just seems cruel, given that almost everyone I know who has given birth has done it. The nurses just clean it up and don't even mention it.

ETA: I also only had DH in the room with my doula and hospital staff...I can't imagine having that many people watch me during labor even if pooping wasn't party of the process!! Tel them to wait outside!
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