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Re: Anyone else have a bigger family but a small house?

I was told that CPS looks at making sure boys have their own room seperate from girls. Once children reach a certain age (can not remember the age) CPS will frown upon parents sharing a bedroom with children because of the potential of the child to see something they shouldn't. Also, if the home is on septic the amount of people is limited because septics can only handle so many people and the septic size is based on the size of the home. I believe homes built with septics are built to allow for 2 people per bedroom. Anything over that will be too much for the septic to handle. However, if you do not have a septic and plan to seperate boys and girls I don't see how you could possibly get in trouble. The other option is to flat out call CPS and ask.

I personally have a 1300 sq ft. house with 5 people and one on the way. I have seperated the boy from the girls. Mostly because the girls are older and want privacy when changing clothes etc... I would love it if only I could downsize some of the extra junk and clutter.
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