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Re: for those who had twins at how many weeks did you have birth?

It's so terrible, I CAN'T REMEMEBER!!! lol!! I think i was just so grateful to have them out! It was 37 weeks, not sure of how many days. I went into labor but opted for a c-section - 1) because my child before them was a c-section and 2) i could tell something wasn't quite right, just like with previous child. Baby B was breech, so it all worked out ok.

Anyway, everybody was healthy, and stayed with me in my room. One twin developed jaundice and had to have light therapy for a few days. We actually went home with her and then had to bring her back to the hospital for another night.

They are both perfectly fine now, as almost 2 year olds.

Good luck, have fun and be flexible!!!
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