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For UCers

I was just on and saw they now carry Misoprostol. This is what my midwife said is the best medication if you are prone to bleeding (to have on hand) Obviously you don't want to use this without a lot of research, but I like the idea of it being available for those people who really want a homebirth but might bleed a little heavily like I do. We used Shepherd's Purse tincture this time around and I did okay with it, but if we decide on an UC next time, we will have this on hand. It supposed to be most effective as a rectal suppository, but like I said lots of research and maybe consultation with a midwife would probably be in your best interest if you wanted to go this route. This is what is used in a lot of hospitals too. I am fortunate that my midwife is all for unassisted birthing, thinks that it's the way to go, but knows many people wouldn't do it...Anyways, wanted to pass that along.
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