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Re: Anyone else have a bigger family but a small house?

i think how many kids u can fit per room depens on where u live. i rent & r aparment complex has aparments from 1 bedroom up to 4 bedrooms. we live in a 3 bedroom w/ 5 kids. we were offered a 4bedroom 2 times & both times we have turned it down. r landlord told us that we dont have to move into a 4 bedroom unless we had one more child. my dh had the big "v" done so no plains there. they have no issues here w/ 4 kids sharing the master bedroom. i did ask CPS & they told me there ok w/ brothers & sitsers sharing a room till the oldest in the room is seven. raight now we have r older 2 boys (8 & 5) sharing a room & my younger 3 (4 boy, 2 boy, & 1 girl) sharing the master bedroom. when the younger 2 boys r old enough we plain on putting a 4 boys into 1 room.

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