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Which would be considered better? (long)

So I have kidney issues. If it is not a kidney stone attack, it is chronic kidney pain.

Because of my pain, I am now on a Fentanyl patch. I was on this with DD and there were issues stemming from it. But the main thing on my mind then and my mind now is; is it better to keep the baby in past "full term" or to kick baby out so my pain will go away?

My previous OB wanted to get DD out at 36 and 37 weeks but Amnio's said her lungs were not ready. He had a theory that once I delivered, my pain would go away. He was 100% correct. I think it will be the same way in this case. I am VERY against any sort of medical intervention unless warranted. But I think being the person who would experience this, I am too close to make a rational decision.

No matter what, I want to wait until Feb 1st before ANYTHING happens. That puts me at exactly 38 weeks. Part of it is I don't want a January b-day for this baby because of how many Jan b-day's there are in just the last week of Jan (25, 27, 29, 30). But I also know that 38 weeks is perfect in terms of being ok for delivery. DS was born at 37 and DD at 38 (no inducement needed). But I am concerned that this little stinker (see other thread about violent kickers) will want to make me wait as long as possible just to torture me.

I did ask my OB about a 38 week induction as he said ok at 39 weeks (because of the new policy). He said ask my high-risk OB (appt is on 12/30). But should I really wait?

The scenarios:
If Squishy stays in, the more narcotics "he" will get. Also the more narcotics I get, the harder it is on me (and subsequently baby) the weaning process will be. Since I did do it with DD, I know what to do but it wasn't easy. DD did have to be watched for signs on withdrawal but half the signs they saw were because of her genetic condition. I do not believe Squishy has it ("his" kicks are too strong to be low muscle toned.) (We will be starting the weaning process starting at 36 weeks so the transition won't be so bad for either of us)

If Squishy is evicted "early" because of induction, I know there is a chance for a c-section. But also, it means no more narcotics for either of us (except to slowly wean). It also means I can have an actual date to start treatment to get rid of my leftover stones.

If Squishy comes on "his" own then I don't have to worry about anything. Though DH would appreciate it if I deliver AFTER the last week of January. He has an advancement exam that week.

I know that I should wait until labor starts naturally. But on the other hand, I want Squishy to stay in as long as needed before kicking "him" out because I know what is in store for me. I know the bigger "he" gets, the higher chance it is for him to kick my kidney and send me to the hospital. He barely touched it a few weeks ago and it sent me into tears.

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