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Originally Posted by Mamma527
I had one at 20 weeks, but then I had to go back at 28 to recheck her spine. She said they like to do it around 20 weeks because the baby is an easy size to see, but I'm sure they can do it later. I would just call and ask.
Yep, I think 20 weeks is their preference due to size, but I wouldn't think 2 weeks would be a deal-breaker. I think they look at the standard measurements for 20 weeks but they will, of course, vary.

I really wouldn't skip the anatomy scan. We opted out of many tests with DS (and will with this one too), including the early u/s series looking for chromosomal and genetic disorders. But the anatomy scan tells so much about the baby's organ functions and developmental progress that I feel it's imperative. We also did not find out what the sex was, so it was all business.

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