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Re: Anyone else have trouble BDing so often while TTCing?

Originally Posted by UVASahm View Post
Also when we first started trying my doctor every other day is better than everyday because there are more swimmers. Hehe.
This is very true! However, if you are trying to catch 'O' and she comes and goes quickly, sometimes every day can be better.

I think it's totally normal. DH and I can go two weeks + without dtd and it makes me feel awful. But we get SO busy with kids, homework, stuff for work, going places, we are just TOO tired.

I need to dtd between December 22nd and January 1, just to make sure I cover all my bases with O and my lunar fertile chart. So he doesn't know it, but I'm making sure to get cleaning and stuff and freezing meals done now so things are easier for us. It would be nice to DTD this much anyways, and not be so tired.
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