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Re: I hate...I love...

Being so sleepy lately
Feeling like I can't get enough done
That I lose my patience way too fast
That my feet are already swelling
Round ligament pain, sciatica, that my pubic bone feels like it's going to crack in half, that I almost have to get a head start getting out of bed and off the couch, that I cry for no reason.
That DH is so in love with his boy but will miss the birth

My big, round belly
The baby kicks I get so often and that DH & DS can see and feel them now
The way DH tells me I'm more beautiful everyday, how he kisses me and says I love you babies, how protective he is of this little man
How involved DH wants to be, he wants to shop and help with everything
DS loves kissing my belly and is so protective of his baby brudder and his things already
All the plans, hopes and dreams we already have for the boys
Wife to my hero & hero to 2 amazing little men.
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