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Re: How do you do it....

Originally Posted by Angel3167 View Post
How can you be a SAHM? I am so stressed out just by thinking of being a full time SAHM. I currently work 2 10hr days for my own sanity. I like my job and the people I work with but I don't really like my DD being in daycare. My sis runs the daycare and we are on the opposite ends of the parenting spectrum. She tries really hard to listen to my wishes but just doesn't do it to my standards (ie changed often enough, tv watching, excessive excercauser use.) Please help me! Thanks in advance.
Yes, being a SAHM is very difficult some days. Maybe not for everyone, but definitly for me! Some days my DH's car pulls into the driveway and its all i can do not to run out, throw the children in his arms, and take off in the car for the nearest international airport.... ... oh and I'm not kidding!

However, I love being a MOm and I really want to stay home w/them when all my pros and cons are weighed.

On my very difficult days I:
*put them both in the stroller and take a long walk (even if it is hot!)
*go over and talk to a neighbor or two (there are other SAHMs around our little developement)
*Put the housework aside and try to do a "fun" activity for them as it lessens the stress and tension for us all
*call up a friend or family member
*long onto DS
*and my newest activity (as of very recent) is to go for a drive! The kids fall asleep and I can take some deep breaths
*getting out you can go to library, play date, park, etc

I don't have this yet but a lot of Moms I know keep thier sanity by having a date night every week where both Mom and Dad can get out of the house and away from the kids and just relax.
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