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Re: NTNP December 16th - December 22nd

Joining you ladies.

DH wants to NTNP for the next couple months, but I don't want a newbie in freezing cold weather, so fingers crossed this first month is my final month! Before I have been very fertile and conceived on the first try, but things change and age doesn't help. I am on CD 9 I think (of course I didn't keep track) and I have my lunar fertility forecast that worked last time (including gender) LOL.

So I'm hoping we can DTD every other day from Dec.22 until Jan.1. We'll see how that goes! I'm going to get some Ovulation tests from the Dollar Store just to give me a better idea of what day I ovulate.

If it doesn't work, we will be waiting a full year to try again November/December of next year. So NO pressure...
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