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Re: Which gender gave you the most morning sickness?

pregnancy 1 - I had 2 weekends of nausea. One at 6wks and one at 14. That was it except a few waves of very slight nausea here and there. Single boy.

pregnancy 2 - very nauseous from before the BFP to about 18 wks. Boy/girl twins.

pregnancy 3 - very nauseous from before BFP to about 20wks. boy/boy twins

pregnancy 4 - very nauseous from before BFP to about 22wk and then again starting around 28wks. Single boy.

For me, I only had one girl and she was with a boy. That was not my worst MS experience. The worst was probably a tie between my second set of twins (both boys) and my last boy.

I also know my pregnancy hormone levels. They were higher with my 1st twin pregnancy than my second or my last pregnancy. But, my nausea was still less with them. And, my levels with my first were pretty high too in comparing with other singles. (My last pregnancy started as twins and my levels were much higher than my single.) So, it doesn't always have to do with hormone levels, but how our body reacts to it that time around.
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